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Re: Start of perl setup and drop db scripts

I have finished preliminary versions of these two scripts with an
interactive option.
These need to be cleaned up and have a few more comments added.
They now offer to show possible COAs, GIFIs and country codes.

I did not have putting the ledgersmb-httpd.conf in the right place up
till now. Also changes user:group ownership for final ledgersmb
directories. Is there any reason not to just change it all recursively?
That is what I have it do.

I have used shell `id -u` and `id -g` to get uid and gid for the
defaults. Does this work everywhere??
I used perl getpwnam to get UID and GID from interactive input of word
version of user and group.

I think everything works correctly. Please test if you can.

I put up copies (with a slightly different name) at:

Once again, the perl versions are for download only, don't work with the

Chris Bennett