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Re: Factoring out common search facility [for customers, parts, ...]

>>>>> "Erik" == Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> writes:
    Erik> However, if the data in the data entry screen is modified
    Erik> w.r.t. what's in the database, I want the modified data in the
    Erik> screen to stay in tact. I also want the data in the database
    Erik> to remain unchanged until the user hits Save -- where I don't
    Erik> want the screen to be saved if the eca selection still needs
    Erik> to take place.

One of the frustrations that I and others have had on the invoice
screen is that we'd generally like to customize the description.

So we put "consulting" in as the part, and we get the value, then we
change the description to suit.  One of the effects of this is this is
that if we are "fast enough" to have entered "consulting" on the part
number, and we don't hit "update" first, then we don't find the part,
since the description fails to match.  (This is 1.2 experience)

So, if we are refactoring, I would love after it is done, to be able to
mark "parts" (services) as matching only on the part-number, or
description (or both).

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