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Re: a proposal to reorganize files

>>>>> "Chris" == Chris Travers <..hidden..> writes:
    Chris> 2) Support a make install-based approach.  Right now make
    Chris> install creates significant supportability issues.  However,
    Chris> if we allow one to make install, it could be downloaded into

    >> Ah, you thought perhaps I wanted to insist on "make install".
    >> Just the opposite... I want to *support*, but as a developer, I
    >> don't want it at all.

    Chris> What's the problem with make install?

1) you have to install somewhere.... 
2) ^X^S, shift-reload is way faster.
3) ^X^S, "make check" is way cooler.

So, I *want* make install for packaging and target system use, but I
would like to maintain the run-in-current-directory system.  I think we
can have both.

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