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Re: Changes I am making to 1.4 db schema re: customers/vendors

On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 2:55 AM, herman vierendeels
<..hidden..> wrote:
> Hello Chris,
> Will it be possible in 1.4 to have a link between invoice.id and
> entity_credit_account.id ?
> I would like to connect individual lines in  'Vendor Invoice' to
> customer, for whom i buy this material.

So a second use of the customer/vendor links for reporting?  Cool!

For 1.4, it will be a setting to be enabled.
> If i can help with anything for 1.4, let me know

I am starting in on the customer/vendor Perl code rewrite this week.
I don't think that should be disruptive, but it may result in
occasional breakage.  And I need to finish up the business reporting
unit structures first (maybe in the coming couple of days--- I am in
Kuala Lumpur delivering Pg training today/tomorrow).

I would suggest within a week or so, starting out with 1.4 and testing
it.  Feel free to commit changes to it.  If you'd like to take on any
other tasks for 1.4, feel free.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers
> Best Wishes,
> Herman
> 2012/2/24 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:
>> Hi;
>> Below is a list of changes.  The impact of these changes should be minimal.
>> * removing table entity_class_to_entity.  This is unused at present and it
>> seems to me that we already make up for a lot of that in
>> entity_credit_account.  If we want to do lead tracking, we can add leads to
>> entities as well.  There's no reason to track in this specific way.
>> * company_to_location becomes entity_to_location to provide a unified
>> interface for companies and persons
>> * person_to_location is removed
>> * person_to_entity is removed
>> * company_to_entity is removed.  If we want to use entity groups, I think we
>> should have a separate structure for that.
>> * person_to_contact and company_to_contact are replaced with
>> entity_to_contact to provide unified interface
>> * customertax and vendortax are replaced with eca_tax which maps to entity
>> credit accounts
>> Any feedback?
>> These are the final potentially-transaction-breaking changes for 1.4
>> Best Wishes,
>> Chris Travers
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