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Re: Changes I am making to 1.4 db schema re: customers/vendors

Hello Chris,

Will it be possible in 1.4 to have a link between invoice.id and
entity_credit_account.id ?

I would like to connect individual lines in  'Vendor Invoice' to
customer, for whom i buy this material.

If i can help with anything for 1.4, let me know

Best Wishes,

2012/2/24 Chris Travers <..hidden..>:
> Hi;
> Below is a list of changes.  The impact of these changes should be minimal.
> * removing table entity_class_to_entity.  This is unused at present and it
> seems to me that we already make up for a lot of that in
> entity_credit_account.  If we want to do lead tracking, we can add leads to
> entities as well.  There's no reason to track in this specific way.
> * company_to_location becomes entity_to_location to provide a unified
> interface for companies and persons
> * person_to_location is removed
> * person_to_entity is removed
> * company_to_entity is removed.  If we want to use entity groups, I think we
> should have a separate structure for that.
> * person_to_contact and company_to_contact are replaced with
> entity_to_contact to provide unified interface
> * customertax and vendortax are replaced with eca_tax which maps to entity
> credit accounts
> Any feedback?
> These are the final potentially-transaction-breaking changes for 1.4
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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