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Re: Tentative Schedule for 1.4


On 2012-02-23 21:54, Chris Travers wrote:
On Thu, Feb 23, 2012 at 2:12 AM, Philip Rhoades <..hidden..
[1]> wrote:

I presume we could be testing from the beginning and if we are not
using the newly worked on features or the ones waiting to be worked
we should be good? - in terms of the data being maintained up to a
proper release?  My immediate demand is for just minimal, basic
accounting . . a few large incomings and regular small outgoings,
charges etc

Thats correct.

Once the business unit code is all in and breakage corrected, and the
customer/vendor db redesign complete (nothing major here, just a few
tweakstweaks!), then transactional testing can begin.

I would note a couple things:

Financial storage and financial information storage routines are not
changing in 1.4.  So bugs should be more on the "this is broken and
doesnt wtweakstweaksork" line rather than the "this is saving
incorrect data."  I dont anticipate very many of these actually.

As we get into reporting though, you will want to be double checking
the reports as you upgrade.  Check the changelogs for details before
you do and compare old/new reports, flagging differences.  Also truly
new features like transaction import of things like timecards and
chart of accounts entries may have a greater likelihood of
bugs/incorrect entry.

Also I believe we will probably clear the Fixes.sql so it goes back no
more than one beta, so if you are doing this youd need to stay up to

Now worries - if I can get done what I need to and also help with testing, I'll be happy.

I have a few years of back accounts to deal with (same organisation) but I will consult with you privately about the best approach etc. While this (non-profit) still does not have a high transaction rate - we hope it will in the future, so I would like to have a complete set of accounts by the time that starts happening.


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