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Re: Tentative Schedule for 1.4


On 2012-02-23 19:00, Chris Travers wrote:
Hi all;

I am finishing up what is probably the last of the major
backwards-compatibility-breaking features for 1.4, which is the
rewrite of projects and departments.  I expect to have trunk in a
usable (for testing) state within another week.

After that I expect to be working on payroll framework and refactoring
the contact management.  I hope to have these fully working on 1.4 by
the end of March.  After that point, all manual transaction-entry
parts of the web application should be ready for testing, and my work
will shift to reporting and CSV imports.

I think we can consider 1.4 to be in early beta, but not
feature-complete at the time these areas are complete.  Reporting and
import logic can be worked on concurrent to testing of transaction

I would like to hit feature freeze around the beginning of June, with
betas at that point being released every two weeks.  I think that if
things go well, we can shoot for a general release in September.

What do people think?

I presume we could be testing from the beginning and if we are not using the newly worked on features or the ones waiting to be worked on, we should be good? - in terms of the data being maintained up to a proper release? My immediate demand is for just minimal, basic accounting . . a few large incomings and regular small outgoings, bank charges etc


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