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Tentative Schedule for 1.4

Hi all;

I am finishing up what is probably the last of the major backwards-compatibility-breaking features for 1.4, which is the rewrite of projects and departments.  I expect to have trunk in a usable (for testing) state within another week.

After that I expect to be working on payroll framework and refactoring the contact management.  I hope to have these fully working on 1.4 by the end of March.  After that point, all manual transaction-entry parts of the web application should be ready for testing, and my work will shift to reporting and CSV imports.

I think we can consider 1.4 to be in early beta, but not feature-complete at the time these areas are complete.  Reporting and import logic can be worked on concurrent to testing of transaction entry.

I would like to hit feature freeze around the beginning of June, with betas at that point being released every two weeks.  I think that if things go well, we can shoot for a general release in September.

What do people think?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers