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Status of 1.4


I am currently working on ripping out the existing project/department code and replacing it with something somewhat different and more flexible.

The current approach generalizes projects, departments and other business reporting units into a single interface and will allow line items to be assigned to any of these interfaces.  This would allow funds accounting, as well as various exotic requirements like customer/vendor line item links (required by a few locations and industries) to be implemented without significant effort.  After this, my next priority is to finish up the payroll infrastructure I am working on and revisit the customer/vendor handling.

My own view is that this may be enough to carry me through the next month and a half, after which time we should probably be starting to think about firming things up for 1.4.   My priority after that will probably be on reporting, though I am still hoping to possibly at least start on the sales order rewrite even if it ends up as an add-on for 1.4.  I think that reporting can be done late in the development cycle compared to functionality rewrites because it presupposes data in the database, and does not interfere with anything on the data entry side.

Any feedback on this?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers