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Re: Error when upgrading 1.2 db to 1.3 db

On 11/01/2012 10:38, Chris Travers wrote:
Yep. As failures are found the pre-validation tests need to be add, where we missed something. However, if it is OK with you I would like to get you migrated first and then figure out what checks need to be added.
That is fine... we are doing this as a learning and testing exercise. I can run through this as many times as you want. We've obviously got a fairly crufty database which is throwing up lots of nice test cases.

 As for the default country I am not 100% sure how we want to check
 that yet.  We may want to handle that differently.

Yes, it wasn't too obvious what you wanted, and documentation (or selection from a dropdown) would help.

I'm really interested to see how you manage to match our existing free-form country attributes to the fixed form in 1.3. A good 50% of our 3800-odd customers are non UK.