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Re: Error when upgrading 1.2 db to 1.3 db

On 10/01/12 22:02, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
> Hi Nigel,

>> I'm about to add a header at the start, dump a new test copy of the
>> database and try again.
> That should do it. Please let us know about your outcome.

OK, I'm now getting a little further on

psql:1.2-1.3-upgrade.sql:38: ERROR:  null value in column "country_id"
violates not-null constraint

Looking at the upgrade script this seems to be caused by my using
"United Kingdom" rather than "UK" for the default country.

Fixing this then takes us a lot further on to

psql:1.2-1.3-upgrade.sql:157: ERROR:  duplicate key value violates
unique constraint "eca_to_contact_pkey"

and here I get a bit bogged down in the SQL and it would help to have a
pointer to look for.

>> What is the reason for the header association constraint in the
>> migration code? I have to admit that I never saw any reason for header
>> accounts, but that is probably my lack of understanding
> Usually accounts are grouped using headers. At minimum people use:
>  * Liabilities
>  * Assets
>  * Equity
>    * Retained earnings
>    * Result for the year
>      * Total Income
>      * Total Expense
> Usually assets/ liabilities are split into subgroups like Cash/Fixed
> assets/others. In other words: They're an easy way to define the level
> of totals you want.

OK, thanks