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Re: Error when upgrading 1.2 db to 1.3 db

On 31/12/11 11:26, Nigel Titley wrote:
> On 31/12/11 10:23, Nigel Titley wrote:
>> On 31/12/11 09:50, Chris Travers wrote:
>>> Ok now we are getting somewhere.
>>> What username are you using to set up the database?  It must be a
>>> database superuser.
>> I was using postgres. However, I've now added "create database"
>> privilege to the ledgersmb user and the process has largely gone through
>> with the exception of the creation (or in my case the importation) of
>> the first user. I now seem to have a database but without any valid users.
>> I'm going to roll back and start the process again as I'm not sure what
>> state the database is in.
> OK, this is much better (sort of).
> Some background: this is a new machine, postgres 8.4, Ubuntu maverick.
> I've set up a new database "testinc" using setup.pl and this largely
> works OK (with the exception of the (possible) bugs I've reported so far).
> I now decided to try and import the production database from our
> business, which runs on a different machine, same version of postgres
> and Ubuntu. I took the following steps:
> 1. Dumped a copy of the production database
> 2. Copied it across to the new machine and copied it into a new database
> "test", owned by ledgersmb.
> 3. Ran up setup.pl, logged in as ledgersmb with database "test",
> corrected some duplicate company numbers and some duplicate invoice
> numbers, imported an existing user from the "testinc" database.
> 4. Setup completed without errors.
> 5. Logged into new database successfully.
> All fine so far. However the "test" database is empty, no customers, no
> vendors, no transactions, no COA.
> A clue may be the following in the dblog_stderr file
> psql:/tmp/ledgersmb/1.2-1.3-upgrade.sql:30: ERROR:  null value in column
> "heading" violates not-null constraint
> CONTEXT:  SQL statement "INSERT INTO account (accno, description,
> category, gifi
> _accno, heading, contra, tax) VALUES ( $1 ,  $2 ,  $3 ,  $4 ,  $5 ,  $6
> ,  $7 )"
> PL/pgSQL function "account_save" line 47 at SQL statement

OK, I've done a bit more digging and I think the error is a result of my
having no heading accounts. I'm going to try creating one and seeing if
this fixes the problem.