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Re: Error when upgrading 1.2 db to 1.3 db

On 09/01/2012 19:49, Erik Huelsmann wrote:
Hi Nigel,

Many thanks... I'll work through and find out which account is causing
the problem.

Hmm, this fails at the first fence, with offset 0. I think its a more
fundamental error with the "account_save" procedure.

I'm still no further forward with this. Can someone put me in touch with
the author of the migration script? I can't really move forward with
testing 1.3 until we get an example database migrated across. And if we
are having problems with the script, it's likely that someone else will
have too.
Could you send me a dump of the 'chart' table in your database? I'd
like to see what's happening here and what expectations of
'account_save' in your table aren't met. We might want to add
pre-migration checks based on it, or we might want to change
account_save to compensate.

If you don't want to send it publicly, you can send to me off list
directly as well.

I'll get this dumped out tonight and send to you off list. No sense in clogging up the list unnecessarily.

Thanks for looking at this