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Re: 1.3.10-RC1 fx-payments issue(s)

More progress info:

>> 2. The Payment.sql:payment_post() function uses the
>> 'FX_gain'/'FX_loss' configuration key to identify the account to post
>> fx gains/losses to. However, none of the default CoA files define that
>> key
>> 3. It looks to me like the system used to use 'fxgain_accno_id' and
>> fxloss_accno_id' configuration keys to indicate the fx gains/losses
>> accounts. These keys still occur throughout our Perl code (am.pl,
>> AA.pm, AM.pm, IR.pm, IS.pm, account.pl)
> So far I didn't do anything about these: I have no idea whatsoever
> about the direction a fix should go here: is the FX_gain/FX_loss the
> new direction and just not replaced everywhere? If so, why is that? To
> me it seems nice to be able to select an ID from the defaults table
> instead of being required to join the defaults table with the accounts
> table on the default.value column!

Chris told me to have a look at the history of AM.pm to find out when
things changed.

As it turns out, the initial import already contains both
fx_gain(loss)_accno_id and FX_gain(loss) in the code base. So this
isn't exactly a regression. I'll think about how to handle the current
situation and how to proceed from here and follow up in a separate
thread with a proposal.