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1.3.10-RC1 fx-payments issue(s)

While testing 1.3.10-rc1, we found a few issues:

1. The function Payment.sql:payment_post() posts the FX gains/losses
for vendors with the wrong sign (positive in case of gain and negative
in case of loss, instead of the other way around)
2. The Payment.sql:payment_post() function uses the
'FX_gain'/'FX_loss' configuration key to identify the account to post
fx gains/losses to. However, none of the default CoA files define that
3. It looks to me like the system used to use 'fxgain_accno_id' and
fxloss_accno_id' configuration keys to indicate the fx gains/losses
accounts. These keys still occur throughout our Perl code (am.pl,
AA.pm, AM.pm, IR.pm, IS.pm, account.pl)

Besides these, Chris wants to work on fixing the batch payments
workflow which has largely the same issues as well as the ones which
were already fixed for 1.3.10.