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Re: Records in AR table with NULL amount field

I had the same situation.
That's why i added

SELECT trans_id,count(trans_id) FROM acc_trans where trans_id not in
(select id from ap union select id from ar union select id from gl)
group by trans_id;

to  sql/upgrade/1.2-pre-upgrade-checks.sql

I think , but i am not sure, that is has to do with commit's that are
done in too many places.
Things some times get committed even if main transaction aborts.

Merry Christmas,


2011/12/22 Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..>:
> Hi all,
> As part of my efforts to establish that my LSMB database hasn't been
> damaged by the multi-currency problems that we found and fixed in
> 1.3.10, I'm looking at the AR table and finding rows which have a NULL
> amount field. These rows are not referenced from the ACC_TRANS table,
> but nevertheless, I'm not sure they ought to be there.
> So, here's my question: is it normal to have rows with NULL amounts in
> the AR table? If not, can I safely remove them, if they're not
> referenced from ACC_TRANS? Any idea how they might have appeared?
> Bye,
> Erik.
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