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Re: Perl Modules for v1.3.x


On 2011-11-29 16:08, Robert James Clay wrote:

    A couple of things regarding Perl Modules for v1.3.x:

1) I was looking over the LedgerSMB 1.3.7 RC1 archive and found that,
unless I missed it, the IO::Scalar module is listed as required in
Makefile.PL but is still not mentioned in the INSTALL file. Note also
that it's available in Debian in the libio-stringy-perl package.

2) Regarding the Excel::Template::Plus & Template::Plugin::Latex
modules, I will be seeing what is needed to get them into Debian.

On Fedora there is no perl-IO-Scalar RPM but there is this:

perl-IO-stringy.noarch 2.110-13.fc14 fedora



   RJ Clay

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