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LedgerSMB 1.3.6-rc1 released

Hi all;

LedgerSMB 1.3.6-rc1 has been released with many bugfixes.  If you are
affected by any of these bugs you may want to test this release.

The changelog is so long I have broken it down into sections.

Best wishes,
Chris Travers

Changelog for LedgerSMB 1.3.7 (Categorized due to length)
* Added foreign key of entity_credit_account.language_code (Herman V)
* Corrected permissions issue for editing assembly (Chris T)

Code and Administration
* Exposed LedgerSMB::Sysconfig::tempdir to configuration file (Herman V)
* Fixed invoice tempfiles never being cleaned up (Herman V)
* Fixed LedgerSMB.pm warnings during tests (Herman V)
* Backup functionality moved to database administration interface (Chris T)
* Whitespace adjustment in Pg-database (Herman V)
* New form unsets $form->{header} to avoid lack of headers (Herman V)

User Interface
* Fixed pricelist button (customer/vendor) producing error (Chris T)
* Fixed date error when processing recurring transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected 'Invalid Year-end filter' when exporting trial balance (Chris T)
* Correcting errors attaching and retriving URL attachments (Chris T)
* Correcting parse errors in pos_template.txt (Chris T)
* Database administration interface more consistent (Chris T)
* Corrected Action not defined error on asset import (Chris T)
* Default language handling for invoices (Herman V)
* Fixed LaTeX errors in timecard templates (Chris T)
* Fixed menu reversal with batch printing (Erik H)
* Removed broken edit buttons on bank account tab of contacts form (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitches involving adding employee contact info (Chris T)
* Corrected missing translation call in contact template (Chris T)
* Corrected UI glitch when processing recurring transactions (Chris T)
* Corrected double escaping bug in balance sheet template (Erik H)
* Corrected filtering of customers/vendors on AR/AP screens (Chris T)
* Added logged in username to setup utility confirm operation screen (Chris T)
* Corrected sales tax issue for sales/purchase orders (Herman V)

* Allow log-level to be set from config file (Herman V)
* Correcting history.css not found (Chris T)
* Reduced warnings in logs (Chris T)
* Logging enhancements (Herman V)
* Corrected error regarding css file not found (Erik H)
* Corrected global.css not found error (Chris T)