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Re: Proposal: Change template db used on creating new dbs to template0

On Wed, Oct 12, 2011 at 16:57, Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> Hi;
> A user has reported a bug which occurs when initdb is done with a
> SQL_ASCII encoding (which believe it or not some distros do when
> PostgreSQL is installed).  What happens is that createdb errors
> because one cannot create a UTF-8 db from a SQL_ASCII db other than
> template0.  For this reason I'd like to specify that we are creating
> the database from template0 instead of template1.
> This is not a change without impact though and so I'd like to get
> feedback from the community.  When a database is created from
> template0 it does not have  any of the goodies installed in template1,
> and installing these goodies in template0 is really not recommended
> (pg_dump backups miss anything installed into template0).  So this
> means that db admins would need to be aware of this and the need to
> install whatever goodies they want in all their db's in LedgerSMB db's
> separately.  On the other hand, this probably gives us more
> predictability in the install process so on the whole I am in favor of
> this.

Well, with the new extensions (9.1.0+), I've found that installing
those extensions (like tablefunc) in template1 doesn't guarantee
they'll show up in any subsequently created db's.  At least, that's
what happened with me.

> This change would not affect the upgrade process, and it would not
> affect existing installations.
> Feedbck?
> Chris Travers
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