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Proposal: Change template db used on creating new dbs to template0


A user has reported a bug which occurs when initdb is done with a
SQL_ASCII encoding (which believe it or not some distros do when
PostgreSQL is installed).  What happens is that createdb errors
because one cannot create a UTF-8 db from a SQL_ASCII db other than
template0.  For this reason I'd like to specify that we are creating
the database from template0 instead of template1.

This is not a change without impact though and so I'd like to get
feedback from the community.  When a database is created from
template0 it does not have  any of the goodies installed in template1,
and installing these goodies in template0 is really not recommended
(pg_dump backups miss anything installed into template0).  So this
means that db admins would need to be aware of this and the need to
install whatever goodies they want in all their db's in LedgerSMB db's
separately.  On the other hand, this probably gives us more
predictability in the install process so on the whole I am in favor of

This change would not affect the upgrade process, and it would not
affect existing installations.


Chris Travers