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Re: Proposed financial schema for financial info

Hi Chris, John,

On Sat, Oct 8, 2011 at 5:50 PM, John Locke <..hidden..> wrote:
> I think the PO should be on the invoice header. In our scenario, we get
> a PO for a project, drop it into the Sales order, and have multiple
> invoices on that PO.
> Having the PO in a specified field makes it easier for our customers to
> find on the invoice when they go to pay it, and also for us to show on a
> report/search for invoices associated with a PO.

Thanks for confirming the sanity of my workflow. Today, I'm trying to
invoice another customer with a different requirement: this one wants
to see a cost center on his invoice. I imagine the next one coming up
wanting a project id and a cost center or maybe other identifiers to
internally identify the validity of the invoice.

I'd like to present these numbers in the invoice. Rather than
presenting them in a 'notes' section, I'd like to present them in a
section containing 'their reference data'. What do you say to that