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Re: Proposed financial schema for financial info

Hi Chris,

In the schema you sent, you write that you intend to use one of the
new links in the invoice table to get the PONumber field as it is
currently available in the AR table. The links you're referring to are
the "previous document" (sales order, sales request, etc) links. Let
me describe my use-case where I think this linking system won't work
for me.

(Note that I'm involved in multiple businesses; the use-case below is
a use-case from my self-employment. I'm not currently using LSMB to
create invoices for that business, but I'm using the requirements as a

Because I have relatively few contracts (8 or 10 per year) in my
self-employment business, I'm not creating sales orders for these
contracts. I'm just creating the invoices directly, using my hours
registrations and whatever additional requirements my customers have.

One of my customers requires me to use *their* PO number to be on the
invoice. They use it to link the digital and physical information
flows: the physical invoice never actually reaches my contacts -
instead it's being processed by a central processing office. Without
that number, they can't link the invoice to the right file. Without
that number, I won't be paid.

If there is no way in the invoice to add reference information like
this, how do we want to support the use-case stated above?