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Re: Proposed financial schema for financial info

I think the PO should be on the invoice header. In our scenario, we get
a PO for a project, drop it into the Sales order, and have multiple
invoices on that PO.

Having the PO in a specified field makes it easier for our customers to
find on the invoice when they go to pay it, and also for us to show on a
report/search for invoices associated with a PO.

If we have multiple POs, we can always do multiple invoices -- these are
probably associated with different contacts at a customer, anyway.

What Erik describes is the same as our workflow, for our larger customers...


On 10/07/2011 01:22 PM, Chris Travers wrote:
> On Fri, Oct 7, 2011 at 1:16 PM, Erik Huelsmann <..hidden..> wrote:
>> Hi Chris,
>> In the schema you sent, you write that you intend to use one of the
>> new links in the invoice table to get the PONumber field as it is
>> currently available in the AR table. The links you're referring to are
>> the "previous document" (sales order, sales request, etc) links. Let
>> me describe my use-case where I think this linking system won't work
>> for me.
>> (Note that I'm involved in multiple businesses; the use-case below is
>> a use-case from my self-employment. I'm not currently using LSMB to
>> create invoices for that business, but I'm using the requirements as a
>> showcase.)
>> Because I have relatively few contracts (8 or 10 per year) in my
>> self-employment business, I'm not creating sales orders for these
>> contracts. I'm just creating the invoices directly, using my hours
>> registrations and whatever additional requirements my customers have.
>> One of my customers requires me to use *their* PO number to be on the
>> invoice. They use it to link the digital and physical information
>> flows: the physical invoice never actually reaches my contacts -
>> instead it's being processed by a central processing office. Without
>> that number, they can't link the invoice to the right file. Without
>> that number, I won't be paid.
> Ok, so question for everyone:  Should the PO number field be on the
> header or the invoice line item?  I am thinking for now just to add it
> to the header (since that is the way it's done right now) because it
> is easier to go the to the other from here if we need to.
> But that still does bring up the question:  Should client PO's map at
> most 1:1 to invoices? or should we allow an invoice to invoice
> delivery of goods and services off multiple PO's?  If in doubt, I
> think we should keep the current behavior for now while we evaluate,
> but want to get feedback.....
> Best Wishes,
> Chris Travers
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