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postgresql-9.1 and ledgersmb-1.3 svn 3791


New virtualbox, absolute minimum debian wheezy install --
postgresql-9.1-server-dev, server, client, contrib; apache2;
libmodule-install-perl, subversion

perl CPAN install went flawlessly, got the expected contrib errors,
but the tablefunc extension installed (I think it would be better if
we could suppress the anticipated error messages, as long as it
doesn't suppress unanticipated errors.

admin login works (I like the 23:59:57.3489662 hours until password
expiration, but really, .3489662 hours? how about sprintf something
reasonable -- like no decimal minutes).

created a customer, created sales invoice (w/ creation of service).

Was unable to create a user -- ???? it just didn't work.  Not sure
what I missed.


David A. Bandel
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sure about the the universe. -- Albert Einstein
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