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Test install of RC-4


OK, have just "successfully" installed LedgerSMB-1.3.0-RC4.

As I'm a glutton for punishment, decided to put up a new VirtualBox
install w/ Debian Wheezy.  Basic install w/ only Apache2,
Postgresql-9.1.0, etc.

Started install.  Had to backtrack and install:
postgresql-server-dev-9.1 and latex-make (this installs all
tetex-latex-recommended plus a little more)

Had to install CPAN Module::Install module

After that, all seemed to install (all CPAN modules d/l and installed).

Now, it seems Postgresql has changed things around again.

Previously, I would install the tablefunc, tsearch2, and pg_trgm
stored procedures into template1 and have them in any new db I

Well, the create-company script can not be used with postgresql-9.1.0
until you've installed the new extensions.  And apparently, installing
them in template1 does NOT insure they are installed in new dbs.

What worked -- ran the create-company script once (lots of errors --
missing all the stored procedures); used psql on the testinc database
and ran: create extension xyz; (xyz being the three stored procedures,
tablefunc, tsearch2, and pg_tgrm).  Ran the create-company script
again -- only errors were "blah already exists".   Success -- have all
stored procedures, tables, etc.

Think I liked the old way better -- but then I said that about cast
changes, now I just "cast as" without a second thought.

Anyone else tried Pg-9.1.0?


David A. Bandel
Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity; and I'm not
sure about the the universe. -- Albert Einstein
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