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debian package

I am trying to create a deb package using previous work as a starting point. 
I am having a few problems and since I not particularly proficient at 
packaging I need a bit of help.

- the first problem is that the files that are included in the package do not 
constitute the entire application. The files included are the top level 
scripts and the ./LedgerSMB directory. In particular, the ./tools and the 
./sql directories are not in the package.

- the other problem so far is that lintian complains a lot about the default 
install location:

E: ledgersmb: file-in-usr-local usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/rest.pl
W: ledgersmb: file-in-unusual-dir usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/rest.pl

It's not clear to me how to change that. Even if I did I don't know what 
location would conform to Debian policy.

- There are a few other warnings but I hope to track them down eventually.

Thanks for any suggestion...

PS. I have sent a message to the debian pkg-sql-ledger-discussion. Hopefully 
there'll be a reply. But the list hasn't seen any activity since December.



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