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Re: debian package

It turns out that I did make a mistake while inserting the debian diff from 
1.2.21. Somehow the included patches disappeared. I must have deleted the 
debian/patches directory for some reason but I can't remember when or why... 

Anyway, while trying to make something work, I noticed that debian/rules did 
not use Makefile.PL. So I added the appropriate instruction and I ended up 
with the deb file I was complaining about.

Eventually, I got curious about how the generic install process works. I 
restarted from scratch then I tried to follow the INSTALL instructions:

perl Makefile.PL

and, in directory blib I had exactly the same files that were in the deb file. 
No wonder then that I ended up with an incomplete installation.

The debian patches create a number of Makefiles which are not created at all 
by Makefile.PL.

So what did I miss?



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