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Re: debian package

Hi Philippe,

2011/9/27 Philippe Clérié <..hidden..>:
> I am trying to create a deb package using previous work as a starting point.

That's great news!

> I am having a few problems and since I not particularly proficient at
> packaging I need a bit of help.
> - the first problem is that the files that are included in the package do not
> constitute the entire application. The files included are the top level
> scripts and the ./LedgerSMB directory. In particular, the ./tools and the
> ./sql directories are not in the package.

That's a problem, because the ./sql directory contains the schema
information required to create the company databases.

> - the other problem so far is that lintian complains a lot about the default
> install location:
> E: ledgersmb: file-in-usr-local usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/rest.pl
> W: ledgersmb: file-in-unusual-dir usr/local/share/perl/5.10.1/rest.pl
> It's not clear to me how to change that. Even if I did I don't know what
> location would conform to Debian policy.

You could try looking at other packages; another web-application you
could look at might be OTRS. Personally, I prefer to have my
applications and their libraries sitting in /usr/lib, the config in
/etc/<app> and any supporting files required to store runtime info in
/var/lib/<app>. That seems to match the most-often used structure

> - There are a few other warnings but I hope to track them down eventually.

> Thanks for any suggestion...
> PS. I have sent a message to the debian pkg-sql-ledger-discussion. Hopefully
> there'll be a reply. But the list hasn't seen any activity since December.

If they don't come with any responses, please don't hesitate to mail
this list and thanks for picking up this task! It's greatly
appreciated, at least by me.