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Re: File attachment API proposal v2

On Wed, 6 Jul 2011, Chris Travers wrote:

Hi Luke and Erik;

First, yes, there were some typos.  This was intended to be a
pseudocode example not a rigid spec.

Okay, I figured. However, I'm not an expert or even a power user when it comes to PostGreSQL, so I could have just as easily been wrong.
I thought it better to point them out in case I was missing something.

BTW, I am going to suggest the following number assignments to start:

I guess zero isn't an option? It seems the appropriate number for unattached files if it's available.

1)  Transactions
2)  Orders
3)  Reconciliation
4)  Entity
5)  Entity Credit Account (Customer/Vendor)
6)  Employee
7)  Parts
8)  Unattached Imports
9)  Standard Documents

Payments and Receipts are covered by transactions?

Just as a "for future need", may I suggest some space between these numbers, in case grouping of similar elements becomes desirable later, but is unforeseen now? A couple "reserved" numbers on either side of those above 3.
Just a thought.