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Re: File attachment API proposal v2

Hi Luke and Erik;

First, yes, there were some typos.  This was intended to be a
pseudocode example not a rigid spec.  Luke, your interpretation there
is correct.

Erik:  To create a new type of file attachment what you really have to
do in this framework is:

1)  Create a new table partition for the base info
2)  Create new table partitions for secondary links
3)  Create a view for files linking to the type of attachment
4)  Modify UI as required.

The first two are largely copy/paste (and probably ask about numbers
from the community first).
The last two involve more custom coding.

BTW, I am going to suggest the following number assignments to start:

1)  Transactions
2)  Orders
3)  Reconciliation
4)  Entity
5)  Entity Credit Account (Customer/Vendor)
6)  Employee
7)  Parts
8)  Unattached Imports
9)  Standard Documents

I am looking into file type detection.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers