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1.3.0 RC TODO

So here are the things I think we have to get done for RC1:

1) File attachments for AR/AP/GL transactions and Orders/Quotations
2) Allow loading of chart of accounts SQL script to existing database.
3) Allow manual entry of sales tax on invoices (needed for tax cases
where our existing modules are inadequate)
4)  Allow import of existing PostgreSQL users
5)  Web-based database setup wizard
6)  command-line setup and migration utilities.
7)  All new framework code documented.
8)  Initial review of manual done.

Nice things to have done would include:
1)  All code documented
2)  All database documentation in usable form
3)  Man pages added to svn.

I am hoping to finish up #3 today, and probably will tackle #2 and #4 tomorrow.

Anything else that needs to be added to the list?  I would suggest
giving beta 4 at least a month of live testing for other bugs to be
reported and fixed.

Best wishes,
Chris Travers