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Re: Pre-beta4/post-beta4 TODO

>> So here's my pre-beta4 and post-beta 4 TODO.  If anyone has anything
>> that must be added pre-beta4 or that I have missed that needs to be in
>> 1.3 post-beta4, please reply and I will send out a new TODO.
> A good idea to make this planning and distinction on when to do what. I'd
> like to suggest that we also classify bugs being reported over the coming
> weeks into "solve before 1.3.0" and "solve after 1.3.0" classes, where the
> latter category means 1.3.1+ or 1.4.
> If there are no extreme breakages, we're moving from beta4 to rc1, right?
> Meaning that post-beta4 means "rc1" target.

that's the way things are looking, esp. if we have rolling testing of
the post-beta4 enhancements.
>> Pre-beta4:
>> Refactoring database creation tests so that they use a general purpose
>> Perl module (LedgerSMB/Database.sql (90% done)
>> Fixing new bugs as they are reported. (only one in  queue).
>> Ensuring all test cases pass.
>> Any additional time will be spent reviewing and working on the manual.
> Ok. Although I'd schedule the manual in the "1.3.0GA" target for final
> completion.

The manual review is not expected to be complete by Beta 4 and is
expected to be ongoing until 1.3.0 GA.

We're on the same page then.