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Pre-beta4/post-beta4 TODO

Hi all;

So here's my pre-beta4 and post-beta 4 TODO.  If anyone has anything
that must be added pre-beta4 or that I have missed that needs to be in
1.3 post-beta4, please reply and I will send out a new TODO.


Refactoring database creation tests so that they use a general purpose
Perl module (LedgerSMB/Database.sql (90% done)
Fixing new bugs as they are reported. (only one in  queue).
Ensuring all test cases pass.
Any additional time will be spent reviewing and working on the manual.


Manual tax entered on invoices
File attachments for AR/AP/GL transactions
Allow import of existing users.....
Allow import of COA files after database creation.
More code documentation........

Anything have anything to add to this?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers