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how much to consult for a food co-op

Just in case some of you aren't on the ledger-smb-users list (where I
sent the initial request), I'm looking on behalf of Karma Food Co-op
in Toronto for interested consultants or for information on a ballpark
figure of the costs of using LedgerSMB as a POS/ERP system. I didn't
have much luck with the users list (though I do have at least one
interested consultant in Toronto).

So I'd like to know if any of you are interested in being potential
consultants. I can send a requirements list that we've been
developing. I'd be interested in finding out what you think it would
cost to get a consultant to install, train and customize for this food
co-op that sells groceries to members. We'd like to use LedgerSMB as a
POS/ERP system with possible integration with Quickbooks, and some
customization to integrate membership functionality: track working
hours, (non)working status, families, purchases, fees payments and so
on. We don't know how integrated this will need to be with LedgerSMB
or if it can be a stand-alone database

Herb vanden Dool