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Re: proposing Section 508 compliance as requirement for 2.x

On Wednesday 25 April 2007, Chris Travers wrote:
> > As I rework the code, you should be able to use validate it at the
> > xhtml validation site.  Yesterday, the login page didn't even
> > validate.  Today, it does (with my changes).  I don't plan to change
> > the overall layout, I personally like the menu on the left and work
> > area on the right.  Without CSS, that will fall vertically with the
> > menu first and the work area below.
> Would it be better to reverse this?  I.e. since most of the work is
> done in the work area, would it not be better to make that default to
> the top? 

 Actually, this is the standard way of doing it: navigation first, and then 
content afterward. The way around it is with a skip anchor that lets you 
bypass the navigation. Go to http://www.mcgill.ca/ and disable styles. We 
spent a lot of time on accessiblity and 508 compliance (as much as reasonably 
possible). You should see skip to... links.