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Re: proposing Section 508 compliance as requirement for 2.x

--- Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> I would like to propose that we try to ensure Section 508 compliance
> on all new user interface screens.

It's a great idea and forward-thinking goal for LedgerSMB's target audience.
Some types of business will realize they are obliged to pursue 508 compliance
once options are available to them.

> Basically, this means that, among other things, the interface will
> need to be usable without CSS and have some sort of graceful fallback
> for accessibility devices.

I recommend looking to the Plone project for accessibility strategy and
XHTML/CSS inspirations, they've achieved a high level of accessibility, and
secondary benefits that come with compliant markup.

Example: view http://plone.org with CSS turned off.

Also notice near-complete absence of HTML table elements (they needed one to
render columns in IE), in favor of divs, lists and definition lists. This kind
of markup is very usable in lynx/elinks (and auditory screenreaders).

Keyboard accessibility described at: http://plone.org/accessibility-info

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