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Re: Ledger SMB

--- Christopher Murtagh <..hidden..> wrote:
>  Frames need to die. The problem is that there is a lot of business logic and
> input code that is tied into the current frameset.

Do you mean that third party integration code is written to HTML and URL
elements in a frameset, or that parts of LedgerSMB proper are tightly coupled
to the frameset?

The existing lynx mode may suggest workarounds toward a compact context menu
and top-level module menu.

Elimination of the frameset would also facilitate Selenium in-browser tests,
which would serve as decent smoke tests during heavy refactoring.

>  Ideally, we would be Section 508 compliant too, which would help things 
> degrade gracefully to less featured clients and devices.

Section 508 compliance is a big job and high achievement, but worth the effort;
I've heard anecdotally that compliance is sometimes an unassailable advantage
in a competitive bid situation.

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