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Please help us get slashdotted!

 Greetings folks,

 (sorry for the cross post to users and devel)

 Chris Travers's journal entry on slashdot mentioning the release of LedgerSMB 
1.2 and the re-licensing of SQL-Ledger has been submitted as a possible 
slashdot story. Chris's journal is here:


If you have a slashdot account, you could help us get it on the front page by 
simply logging in to slashdot and going to:


If you don't see the journal entry right away, you can filter on 'LedgerSMB' 
and you should see the article with the title 'LedgerSMB 1.2 released, 
SQL-Ledger changes licenses'. Click on the thumbs up to the left of it to 
vote the article up. Your help is greatly appreciated in helping us get the 
word out. Thanks.