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Re: Proposing workflow

On Friday 23 March 2007 11:58, Joshua D. Drake wrote:
> Front Page
>   Links to: Customers, Vendors, Invoicing, Reports, Other (to be renamed)
>   Displays by default, basic company info including:
>      Who is over 30,60
>      Current status of checking accounts
>      *maybe* top 5 customers who haven't been contacted in 60 days

I've been giving this also some thought. For my customers using LSMB, I'd like 
to see on the front page (or on a quick-access screen)

a) Quick-Enter Sales order, maybe ajax enabled
b) Quick-SO/SI order status lookup
c) Quick-enter Notepad.

They currently have a pad by each phone to scribble down orders as they come 

Perhaps this could be a separate function than your thinking, since I'm trying 
to optimize for quick access to info from a call from a customer/vendor.

Maybe we can unify how this works, may a bunch of templates/modules that can 
be easily re-arranged for each company?