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PostgreSQL Party

Copied from PostgreSQL lists:


We are planning a PostgreSQL party for the weekend before OSCON in
Portland Oregon. The 22nd is a Sunday, with OSCON beginning on the 23rd
which is Monday. Although the exact venue has not been decided it will
likely be a hotel near the convention center.

We are also reaching out to other communities, such as Python, Django,
PHP, LedgerSMB etc... If you are a FOSS member with ties to a community
that utilizes or supports our database, you are invited!

Some outstanding questions:

1. Should their be food?
2. Should their be entertainment of the liquid adult variety?
3. Should their be music?

Or do people just want to basically chill, and talk with some other
great people about the best FOSS database that exists?

If you are interested in attending please submit an RSVP to:


Full Name
Company (if you are representing)

Would be appreciated.


Joshua D. Drake

P.S. There might be a nominal door charge (5.00) to help offset costs
any excess would of course be donated directly to the PostgreSQL project.


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