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Re: Proposed conventions for plpgsql coding for 1.3 and beyond

--- Chris Travers <..hidden..> wrote:
> Since 1.3 will be our first release with substantial logic
> encapsulated in the database, I wanted to get discussion started on
> coding conventions.  Currently we are targetting the code for
> PostgreSQL 8.0 through 8.2 but want to ensure it is reasonably
> future-safe.

Can you discuss the criteria for procedural language selection? I'm curious to
know whether PL/pgSQL will be the sole procedural language used, or whether
PL/perl is expected to be used in some areas of the LedgerSMB in-database

I'm interested in this question mostly for installation and maintenance
reasons, e.g. the impact it has on installers, manual setup, dataset loading,
dependency package updates, etc. Thanks.

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