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Re: Installer

Hi Michael;

I am in the (slow) process of trying to create a Windows installer
package for LedgerSMB.  The tool I am trying to use is WIX (an open
source tool released by Microsoft and used by some of the components
we depend on such as PostgreSQL).  Unfortunately it does have a
learning curve, but when mastered would give us the ability to simply
run a build script that would let us release the .msi along with the
.rpms, .deb's, etc.

The Bitrock installer is an interesting tool and I have some
experience with it, but it is also somewhat limited in what it can do.
My vote is to continue to try to create native installation packages
for target platforms.  Currently we are releasing .rpms, .deb's, and
Gentoo ebuilds.

If someone in the community wants to contribute a Bitrock installer
package, I would have no problem with us mentioning it.   We can
provide links to the maintainers' web sites so that they can get more

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 2/21/07, Michael Timmons <..hidden..> wrote:

Has anyone considered creating an installer for LedgerSMB?

Bitrock has a nice installer and they already have an Apache/Postgre/PHP
stack that could be used as the basis for creating an installer for


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