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Re: Novice Installation and Instructions

THanks.  Will change this in SVN for 1.2.

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers

On 2/3/07, Dale Beams <..hidden..> wrote:
I would like to see a set of defaults for "novice" users in the README and a
INSTALL file (copy the README to INSTALL) in the distrubution.  Notes could
be made for "advanced" users on the need to change locations, etc.

One example is below.

ledger-smb.conf.default should default to /usr/local, as this is the
recommended place to put it, and after moving ledger-smb.conf.default to
ledger-smb.conf it requires you to change it. This would eliminate a step
for novice installers and a note would notify advanced installers the need
to change.

Dale Beams

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