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LedgerSMB companion projects (was: Light manufacturing modules....)

Jeff Gerritsen wrote:
> I'm thinking about creating a sourceforge project to post the
> information to and allowing for others comments?

I think this would be an appropriate time to ask a question I've been
holding: will the core LedgerSMB developers weigh in on what types of
LedgerSMB-related projects they would consider allowing to use the (or a)
repository on the eventual post-sourceforge LedgerSMB development servers?

As previously discussed, I'm very eager to start using Trac with

I think companion projects like Light Manufacturing Modules would be very
well served to also run in the (or a) LedgerSMB Trac instance, for the
same reasons of attracting developers, testers, and users to particpate in
the sub project.

I would think that as long as a module's functionality has any possibility
of being integrated with, or some code moved to, the LedgerSMB core, then
the code base benefits by keeping that development process close to home.

If it can be managed without impacting the core developers' operations, it
would be very nice to have subprojects under a separate path within the 
same repository. Subversion seems to be able to use different authorization
lists at different paths in the repository, and a Trac instance can
apparently be rooted at various points in the repository.

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