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Re: Tracking Customers

Joshua D. Drake wrote:
Joshua D. Drake

Would it be worth considering how SugarCRM or vtiger deal with relationships as these seem to be the more popular of the OSS CRMS and there have been numerous requests for integration tips over the years of SL.

Both are PHP based. Both are ugly as all get out underneath. Both are
MySQL apps.
I agree - I have number of clients using Sugar and one using VTiger - I try not to support them too often.

Both are popular and integration has been requested lots were more my comments. If CRM features can be added with openness in mind it may make peoples life easier integrating with another CRM whether that be PHP/mySQL or not.

Just a thought :)

That being said, this is not to replace a good CRM. This is to provide
some basic functionality for people.
And I agree, I think it would be a great feature to have.



Joshua D. Drake


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