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Re: Language wars...


> JMHO, of course, but so far everyone on the core team seems to agree.
> Chris Travers

To date, yes.  The Pentabarf project has been doing some work on Rails to 
make it integrate with more "intelligent" databases (stored procedures, 
etc.) but the work is not complete.  Also, since we already have a 
developer group who knows Perl, switching to something else would have a 
significant cost.

I might suggest using the David Fetter approach to ORM, which is simply to 
construct an Object/Method<-->Database Statement map which lives in a 
file.  While still an application specific approach, it does have the 
advantage of being self-documenting and thus easy to understand and get 
hacking on.

Let me also say, in my experience, that MVC frameworks are still far from 
mature.  Recently I had to construct a simple data-entry interface for a 
5-table database.  This is the sort of thing I though Catalyst and Rails 
would excel at.  Instead, it actually took me considerably less time to 
just write some simple PHP scripts than to make what I wanted fit the MVC 
framework and work around its bugs/limitations.


Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL @ Sun
San Francisco