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Re: Language wars...

On Thursday 25 January 2007 12:43, Joshua D. Drake wrote:

> I was walking through the tutorial and everything looked fairly
> reasonable until:
>  # load from multiple namespaces.
>     __PACKAGE__->load_classes({
>         MyAppDB => [qw/Book BookAuthor Author/]
>     });
>     1;
> Which is ugly, beyond ugly and I am not interested any longer.

One of Catalysts's biggest features, (as I understand ..) is being able to 
plug in whatever you'd like for your model layer.

Class::DBI (or DBIx::Abstract, either one) just happen to be the default, and 
where that example stems from.

This may just be a case of "All MVC  & ORM frameworks suck, we just need one 
that sucks less" ... And if it sucks less than going home-grown.


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