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On Friday 15 December 2006 14:29, Ho-Sheng Hsiao wrote:
> However, just today, I found something called OFX, open financial
> exchange. I have not researched this fully yet, however, GNUCash
> supports this exchange format. I am not sure if this is something
> specific to B2C type exchanges or if they have B2B type exchanges, yet.


It's intended to be B2C.  But it can be used for small buisness bill pay, 
(utilities, etc) and bank transfers. It can also be used to download bank 
statements for reconciliation.

If definitely will be useful to LSMB, and it will be one of the many things we 
consider adding to it.  The framework we're creating for  XBRL should be 
easily translatable to OFX, or any of the any XML buisness document 


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