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Initial Payroll Thoughts

Hi all;

I was talking with one of my customers about payroll support and I
guess Washington State has some weird rules.  So my thoughts are that
we are going to have to handle things in a way similar to the modular
tax support in many cases.

My initial thought was to have "branches" of deductions.  For example,
medicare and social security both apply to the gross pay in the US, so
they would be on different branches.  Deductions that occur prior to
income tax would be on the income tax branch at an earlier run from
the tax itself.,

Unfortunately this does not work for all industries in all places...
For example, an orchard in Washington state may pay workers by the bin
for some work and by the hour for others, but Washington state
disability insurance applies only to the hourly work and not the work
per bin.

So my thought is to allow the definition of work units and then allow
deductions to be attached to speicfic work units.  Deductions would
still be branched, but this would allow for the flexibility needed in
this case.

Any thoughts?

Best Wishes,
Chris Travers