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Re: postgre-sql to mysql translation?

On 10/7/06, m o <..hidden..> wrote:
here's a suggestion . . . ever think of porting this to mysql?

 Actually, we're moving in the opposite direction. As LedgerSMB
diverges from SQL-Ledger, one of the big differences will be that we
will make proper use of PostgreSQL's features as well as rely more on
stored procedures. This means that porting to another DB (one that is
quite inferior, IMO), is something that would be considered wasted
energy to most of us.

 Some of the core folks here are also core members of the PostgreSQL
project, so you definitely won't get much support for a MySQL port
from them. I am not a Postgres developer, but have used it pretty much
exclusively for the last 6 years. I have no desire to support MySQL,
the few times I have had to use it in the past weren't much fun.

 You're welcome to start a fork if you really want MySQL support, but
that will get harder to keep up with the direction that LedgerSMB is
going. And, honestly, I would be very sceptical of any financial
application that ran on MySQL.